Techrides Ticket to Ride NFTs are your ticket to access Techrides content and related special events.

Techrides is donating 100% of all membership NFT profits to inspiredu

Inspiredu’s mission is to help underserved youth develop the skills needed for education and career success through technology‐based learning tools and engagement activities with their families, communities, and schools.

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Seed Round

Annual Membership to Techrides [1]

NFT original digital image of Edwin’s Porsche 911 GTS [2]

Techrides Baseball Cap

inspiredu t-shirt

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Series A

Everything in Seed Round

Ticket to 2022 Techrides Epic Fall Wrap Party

Access to exclusive Digital and/or Live events with Edwin and special guests

Rarest NFT original digital image of Edwin’s Porsche 911 GTS

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Everything in Seed Round and Series A

Sponsor a featured guest on a Techrides Episode [3]

Additional limited NFT original digital art

  • [1] Currently Techrides memberships are free but this is changing soon
  • [2] Original Digital Art Generative PFP NFT inspired by Edwin's 911 GTS
  • [3] Must register interest and be accepted for full episode
  • NFTs will launch in September.
car-blue Ticket to Ride #123

Frequently Asked Questions

An NFT or Non Funglible Token is a certificate of ownership of something that is recorded on the blockchain. In this case, the NFT certifies ownership of a Techrides membership.
Techrides NFTs are like ‘Smart Tickets' or Membership Cards that identify users and give them certain rights and benefits. Techrides NFT memberships will give NFT holders access to special digital content along with in person events, and will also support the continued development of Techrides content. While the digital image is not the main point of these NFTs, Techrides NFTs do come with an original piece of artwork. Essentially you are purchasing a membership to support Techrides and enjoy the benefits of Techrides, while also getting a unique digital image as a token to designate your membership.
Aside from being your ticket to your Techrides Membership for digital content and in person events, Techrides NFTs are PFPs which can also be used as your profile picture on various social networks including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Reddit. They can also be resold on major NFT platforms.
For now, prior users without NFTs will still be able to access Techrides content as they did before.
We want to make the NFT experience as easy as possible for everyone, so you may purchase your NFT membership with just a credit card in USD. We will create a digital wallet for you and put your NFT in your wallet. If you already have a crypto wallet, then you can also use that to purchase your membership and we will move the NFT into your existing wallet.
Yes, you will be able to take your techrides NFT and sell it on other popular NFT marketplaces such as Open Sea, FTX and Coinbase.
Some NFTs and cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum use a lot of electricity and thus are considered wasteful and bad for the environment. Techrides NFTs are built on the Polygon blockchain which uses much less energy and thus are not considered wasteful. Polygon is built around Proof of Stake which is much more energy efficient than Proof of Work (POW) used for Bitcoin and Ethereum.
The image in the Techrides originals are inspired by Edwin’s 2015 Sapphire Blue Porsche 911 GTS Cabriolet. The NFT images have various traits including different backgrounds, car colors and wheel styles.
The Techrides Originals NFT are a combination of the original work of a digital artist and software. The digital images are created by an artist named Carlos from Spain. The artist created multiple images layers for backgrounds, car colors, tires, etc and a software program generated the images by putting the various layers / traits together into the final unique pieces.