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Hosted by Edwin Marcial, Riding Shotgun features inspiring stories of entrepreneurship, innovation and leadership from top business leaders while riding in a cool car

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Web3, NFTs, virtual influencers and the Metaverse with Shep Ogden

We are going deep into the Metaverse with Shep Ogden, CEO and co-founder of Offbeat Media. We are diving into NFTs, Web3, the Metaverse and virtual influencers. Come along for the ride on the latest episode of Riding Shotgun the Techrides Podcast.

From academic probation to co-founding a Fortune 500 company valued over 60B: Edwin Marcial discusses leadership lessons learned throughout his career

Edwin Marcial speaks to a group of engineering students about his career in software engineering and the lessons he learned as a technical leader. In the latest episode of Riding Shotgun, the Techrides Podcast, Edwin discusses his career journey from getting started as a software engineer to his time as the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) where he was instrumental in building a tech startup into the largest financial markets operator in the world.

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Healthcare startup SnapNurse revenue rockets up 9900% in response to COVID-19

In this episode of Riding Shotgun, the Techrides Podcast, listen to the remarkable story of a healthcare startup that has rocketed from 2 million (M) dollars in annual revenue pre-pandemic to $200 million in the past few months. SnapNurse is answering the challenge to provide healthcare professionals to resource starved hospitals and nursing homes during the Covid-19 pandemic. Edwin talks with CEO Cherie Kloss and COO Jeff Richards, the founders of SnapMedTech.

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