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Are the Merry Men of Reddit "good guys" or master pyramid schemers?

The lastest Shifting Gears Blog

What we saw with GME and the Redditors is a high stakes pyramid scheme. This was a coordinated attack on a structural weakness of the market akin to a distributed denial of service attack on a website. Read the full post here.

Cherie Klosss and Jeff Richards, Founders of SnapMedTech

Healthcare startup SnapNurse revenue rockets up 9900% in response to COVID-19

In the latest episode of Riding Shotgun, the Techrides Podcast, listen to the remarkable story of a healthcare startup that has rocketed from 2 million (M) dollars in annual revenue pre-pandemic to $200 million in the past few months. SnapNurse is answering the challenge to provide healthcare professionals to resource starved hospitals and nursing homes during the Covid-19 pandemic. Edwin talks with CEO Cherie Kloss and COO Jeff Richards, the founders of SnapMedTech.

Gil West, COO, Delta Air Lines

Ride with Gil West in his spectacular 2020 Ford GT Heritage Edition as Edwin and Gil discuss Delta’s industry leading response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the future of aviation, the keys to Gil's tremendously successful career, and more!

Making ICE: The Origin Story

Edwin Marcial recounts the origin story of how a small startup from Atlanta, GA grew to be a powerhouse in the financial markets, and ultimately acquired the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

Part 2: George Whitesides, CEO Virgin Galactic and The Spaceship Company

In part 2, Edwin discusses the future of space travel with Virgin Galactic CEO, George Whitesides at the beautiful Spaceport America in New Mexico. Virgin Galactic is Richard Branson's endeavor to bring commercial space flight to everyday astronauts.


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