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Ed Bolian - Part 2

How do you go from running an exotic car business out of your college dorm room, to Cannonball Run record breaker to technology entrepreneur and a YouTube sensation with over one million subscribers? Come along and ride with Ed Bolian in his sweet Ferrari 430 Scuderia and find out as we discuss Ed's remarkable entrepreneurship journey. There are also a few interesting run ins with law enforcement and favorite car stories you wont want to miss.

Making ICE: The Origin Story

Edwin Marcial recounts the origin story of how a small startup from Atlanta, GA grew to be a powerhouse in the financial markets, and ultimately acquired the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

Part 2: George Whitesides, CEO Virgin Galactic and The Spaceship Company

In part 2, Edwin discusses the future of space travel with Virgin Galactic CEO, George Whitesides at the beautiful Spaceport America in New Mexico. Virgin Galactic is Richard Branson's endeavor to bring commercial space flight to everyday astronauts.


smart people, sweet rides