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Introducing Techrides Ticket to Ride NFTs

Techrides Ticket to Ride NFTs are your ticket to access Techrides content and related special events. Techrides is donating 100% of all membership NFT profits to inspiredu. Click image below for details.

Web3 with Shep Ogden, CEO and co-founder, Offbeat Media

We are going deep into the metaverse with Shep Ogden of Offbeat Media. We will be diving into #NFTs, Web3 and virtual worlds. Come along for the ride on the latest episode of techrides.

Techrides Shorts

Business and entrepreneurship insights in 5 minutes or less

Making ICE: The Origin Story

Edwin Marcial recounts the origin story of how a small startup from Atlanta, GA grew to be a powerhouse in the financial markets, and ultimately acquired the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

Smart People, Sweet Rides

Video stories about entrepreneurship told by business leaders while riding in a cool car


smart people, sweet rides