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business and entrepreneurship insights,

and a few cars in 5 minutes or less

Atlanta's Secret Sauce

James gives his view on Atlanta's secret sauce when it comes to its startup community

The EP9 Supercar

Ganesh discusses NIO's EP9 supercar and its autonomous driving speed world record

Introducing Nomi

Introducing Nomi - NIO's built in AI assistant

Ganesh's approach to Innovation

Sometimes striving for perfection can be the enemy of innovation

NIO's Battery as a Service (BaaS)

Every considered buying an EV without a battery? NIO's Battery as a Service (BaaS) might be for you

NIO's Battery Swap Technology

Ganesh talks about NIO's revolutionary battery swap capability

NIO's FOTA Technology

Ganesh discusses NIO's innovative Firmware-over-the Air (FOTA) technology


Introducing the NIO ES8

IPO Goals

David Cummings wants to see more companies strive for IPOs

Praise the Failed Founders

Why David Cummings likes to fund failed founders

David Cumming's NSX

David and Edwin discuss the Acura NSX

Ideas on Napkins

David talks about the companies he likes to invest in

Getting started in Entreprenuership

Wondering how to get started in entrepreneurship? David Cummings has a few suggestions.

Be an Orange in a Sea of Apples

David Cummings talks about a common entrepreneurship mistake and how to avoid it.

Innovation at Delta

Gil talks about Delta's approach to innovation and a few of the innovative companies they are working with

Gil West's 2020 Ford GT

Edwin and Gil talk about the spectacular Ford GT

Edwin's Porsche 911 GT3

Edwin talks about his GT3 while riding along the Moonshine Highway

Trailer: The ICE Origin Story

Trailer: Edwin Marcial recounts the origin story of Intercontinetal Exchanage (ICE) while riding in 2018 Porsche 911 GT3.

Starting a YouTube channel with over 1 million subscribers

Ed talks about how he first started making videos for the VinWiki Car Stories YouTube Channel which now boasts over 1.5M subscribrers

Getting Started in Entreprenuership

Ed talks about how he got his start in entreprenuership by running an exotic car rental service out of his dorm room

Worst Case Scenario

Ed talks about a close call on the Cannonball Run drive

You need a lot of tech to race across the country in record time

Ed talks about all the technology and modifications they made to their Mercedes Benz CL 55 AMG in order to set the Cannonball Record

Ed Bolian's Cannonball Run Record

Ed talks about his record setting Cannon Ball Run

No one is Indispencible

Leigh Kathryn learns that sometimes its just best to let somone go

High Performance Culture: The Bees show us how

Bees set an example for how to work in a high performance culture

Hail to the Queen

Edwin and Leigh Kathryn discuss the important role bees play in keeping us all alive

Raising Money is NOT the Goal

Edwin and Leigh Kathryn discuss raising venture money

Under Cover Bee Keepers

How undercover bee keeper CEOs led to Bee Downtowns funding

A Simpler Time

How Bee Downtown uses Nostalgia to market its business

Leadership lessons from the hive

Bees can teach us important leadership lessons

Pitching a Bee Business

How Leigh Kathryn pitched putting bees on corporate campuses

Its Ok, ask for help

Leigh Kathryn's biggest lesson learned while building her business

Trailer: Bee Downtown

Come along for a ride with Leigh-Kathryn Bonner, founder and CEO of Bee Downtown.

The future of space flight

George discusses the future of space travel and exploration

Lessons learned from the 2014 test flight crash

Edwin and George discuss the lessons learned from the tragic 2014 test flight crash

Commercial space flight opens up the door to exploration

George discusses how commercial space flight will lead to more advanced space exploration

What have we accomplished in space since Apollo 11?

Edwin and George discuss what has been accomplished in space since the Apollo 11 moon landing

Reusable Vehicles for Public Space Flight

George Whitesides discusses the promise of reusable vehicles for public space flight.

The Virgin Galactic space flight profile

George Whitesides discusses the Virgin Galactic space flight profile.

Take time to Dream

Don Panoz: taking time to dream

Don Panoz' Mario Andretti Story

Don Panoz, inventor of the nicotine patch talks about the time he thought Mario Andretti had crashed in one of his cars at the 24 hours of Le Mans

Leave the World Better than you found it

Don Panoz talks about what is really important in business when its all said and done.

Self Driving Tesla

A Tesla model S P100D drives itself down a winding road while several SUVs approach in oncoming traffic. This is a scene from our “Blockchain and Teslas” episode.

Onto the Next Big Thing

Jeff talks about why we never spent a lot of time celebrating our success at ICE

Freeze the Space

Jeff Sprecher talks about why sometimes you just have to get your product out there even when its not quite ready.

Jeff Sprecher 1992 Porsche 911 Carerra Cup Car

Jeff Sprecher tells the story of his 1992 Porsche 911 Carerra Cup