Profile: Ganesh Iyer, EVP and Managing Director of NIO USA, Global CIO for NIO

Ganesh Iyer is the Global Chief Information Officer at NIO, Inc. and Managing Director and Executive Vice President at NIO USA, Inc.

Ganesh has 30+ years of experience. Prior to joining NIO, Ganesh was the Vice President, CIO at Tesla Motors, and previously held senior technology leadership roles at VMWare, Juniper Networks, WebEx, Electronic Data Systems (EDS), and Tata Consultancy Services (TCS).

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Ganesh Iyer, Global CIO, NIO

Edwin rides with Ganesh Iyer, Global CIO of electric car manufacturer, NIO. Get to know NIO and Ganesh as we ride in a NIO ES8 and discuss the future of EV driving including, battery swap stations, battery as a service, and the NIO EP9 hypercar.

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The EP9 Supercar

Ganesh discusses NIO's EP9 supercar and its autonomous driving speed world record

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Introducing Nomi

Introducing Nomi - NIO's built in AI assistant

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Ganesh's approach to Innovation

Sometimes striving for perfection can be the enemy of innovation

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NIO's Battery as a Service (BaaS)

Every considered buying an EV without a battery? NIO's Battery as a Service (BaaS) might be for you

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NIO's Battery Swap Technology

Ganesh talks about NIO's revolutionary battery swap capability

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NIO's FOTA Technology

Ganesh discusses NIO's innovative Firmware-over-the Air (FOTA) technology

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Introducing the NIO ES8

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The Ride

2021 NIO ES8


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